Wow! Science! Helicopter

Hello and welcome to How it works

Have you ever put your arm out the car window?

The wind pushes your arm up and down.

like a bird or an airplane.

This is called ‘lift’!

Now, what do an airplane and a bird have in common?

They both have special wings that lift them
up to fly.

More specifically, they both have special shaped wings.

Let’s look more closely to see just how special they are.

The special curved shape lets wind fly faster over the wings.

And slower under the wing.

If we change the wing angle a little

and … add some more air.

We have, lift.

But helicopters don’t have wings.

How do they fly?

Helicopters have special wings on top.

called propellers.

They spin around really fast

and move lots of air particles under the helicopter.

You can create lift too with your own helicopter.

Now, that’s exhilarating!

That’s incredible!

And that’s How it works.

Have fun and be safe!

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