Wow! Science! Circuit Creature

Welcome to How it works

Have you ever seen lightning in the sky?

Where does it come from?

How does it happen?

Well, lightning is giant sparks of electricity in the sky!

Electricity is made by tiny particles called electrons.

Electrons are everywhere

and they generate electrical energy

just like the lightning in the sky.

We need electrical energy to power our electronics,

like this lamp.

Uh…? It’s not working.

Maybe the electrical circuit is open.

Let’s check.

Electrical energy flows through a circuit.

A circuit is a path that connects to itself.

If a circuit is open it means that there is no electricity flowing.

A-ha! Here’s the problem!

The wire is not connected.

This means electricity is not flowing.

Let’s fix it and close the circuit.

Your circuit creatures have lightning flowing through them too!

Now, that’s electrifying!

That’s incredible!

And that’s how it works.

Have fun and be safe!

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