Wow! Science! Electric Airplane

Welcome to How it works

Do you remember how a light turns on?

That’s right. Electrical energy.

Energy is what makes things work and move.

That’s right. We need to eat energy so we can move.

We need to make energy so we can turn on our lights.

There are all kinds of energy:

For example

light energy

chemical energy

mechanical energy

and of course electrical energy.

They can all change from one form to another.

That’s energy.

A flashlight uses 4 kinds of energy.

But, how do we turn on our flashlight without wires?


A battery.

A flashlight has a battery.

A battery has stored chemical energy.

Chemical energy changes into

electrical energy.

And that electrical energy changes into

light energy.

And your electric airplane uses different kinds of energy too.

Now that’s fascinating!

That’s Incredible!

And that’s How it works.

Have fun and be safe!

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