How to Make it! Helicopter

How to Make It
Rubber Band Helicopter

Materials for Rubber Band Helicopter
Propeller 1
Paper cup 1
Paper clip 2
Bead 1
Rubber band 5
Craft stick 1
Square Paper 1
Masking tape
Double-sided foam tape 1

Step 1 Make the propeller.
Straighten the paper clip
Insert the bead
Insert the paper clip through the middle hole of the propeller
Then bend the paper clip.
And insert it back through the small outside hole of the propeller
Fold the end and secure the propeller in place.

Step 2 Poke a hole in the cup and foam tape.
Tape on a square double-sided foam tape in the center of the bottom of the cup.
Poke a hole through the foam tape and cup.

Step 3 Attach the propeller to the cup.
Straighten the paper clip and insert it into the cup.
Make a hook on the inside of the cup.

Step 4 Attach the rubber band.
ook 2 rubber bands to the paper clip
Put the craft stick through the rubber bands

Step 5 Make and attach the wings.
Cut out the wings
Look at the propeller from the side
Check which angle it points down.
Tape on the wings at an angle opposite of the propeller angle.

Step 6 Spin the propeller and let it fly!
Wind up the rubber band by turning the same direction of the wing angle that points down.
Spin it until the rubber band feels tight
First, let go of the propeller
Then, let go of the cup and watch it fly.

Make sure to decorate it! Have fun! Make it incredible!

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