How to Make it! Circuit Creature

How to Make It
Circuit Creatures

Materials for Circuit Creatures

Pipe Cleaner 12
LED lights 4
CR2016 Battery

Step 1 Make the creature’s legs.
Take 4 piper cleaners
Fold and twist them to make a circle

Step 2 Make the creature’s body.

Take 1 piper cleaner
Twist the end
Make a circle and fold it
Attach it to the leg circle
Wrap more pipe cleaners around the circle body

Step 3 Tape on the LED lights.
Take 2 LED lights.
Look and find the short wire
Put the short wire on the inside of the tape
Fold and close the tape

Step 4 Make and attach the head.
Take 1 pipe cleaner
Wrap it around the LED tape
Leave some extra pipe cleaner
Attach the head to the body
Wrap the extra head pipe cleaner around the body

Step 5 Attach the battery and light them up.
Look at the battery and find the positive side.
Look at the wires and find the 2 long wires. These are the positive wires.
Look at the wires find the 2 short wires. These are the negative wires.
Insert the battery
The long wire should touch the positive side of the battery.
The short wires should touch the negative side of the battery.

Step 6 Draw and make a new kind of creature.
Make a new and different creature.
How many legs will it have?
How many bodies will it have?
How many heads will it have?
How many eyes will it have?

Have fun! Make it incredible.

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